Food Printing and Learning: Our OzCHI Submission

Detailed Blog:
Problem Statement: OzCHI Link

Duration: 24 Hours

Award: First Position, 24 Hour Student Design Challenge - OzCHI 2014

Publication: Agarwal, B., Tripathi, R., Goel, V., Pradeep, P., Vijay, P. TangiBot – Augmenting food printing experience of kids using smart blocks. In OzCHI Conference 2014, Sydney, Australia (Short paper)

Concept Video


The Tangibot system facilitates learning for children (aged 7-11 years) from 3D form creation and exploration while helping them consume nutritional food in an interactive, pleasurable and playful environment. We believe that providing kids with the freedom to build any structure while customizing it with their food choice not only motivates them towards consuming the printed food, but also the will act as a great source of inspiration to try new ideas. This engages multiple senses like touch, sight, taste and smell thus connecting Food Fabrication to the domain of tangible interfaces.

System Flow: Detailed Diagram

Solution, building blocks, and inputs