Duration: Jan'14 - Apr'14


Concept VideoLink to the video

Publication: Agarwal, B., Tripathi, R. Sketch-Play-Learn - An Augmented Paper Based Environment for Learning the Concepts of Optics. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Glasgow (Poster) (Link)


Sketch-Play-Learn is an augmented, paper based collaborative learning system for children currently studying in 7th - 8th grade. Having experienced the way ray diagrams are taught to school students in India, we planned not to indulge students into digital screens. The system incorporates sketching on paper, playing with tangibles to teach basic concepts of optics using tabletop interactions. The students engage themselves in completing an assigned goal using tangibles which helps them learn the concepts. Interacting with the system promotes higher order thinking in contrast to rote learning which in turn leads to constant output i.e. weaker sections of the class are able to grasp the concepts well.

Evaluation was carried out to compare the differences in learning outcomes at individual and group levels between students using two learning methods: the conventional approach and augmented tabletop with tangible input. After interacting with the prototype, students were given pre and post test to measure the learning curve.


Refer to the Blog for the detailed methodology followed.